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Bicycle Storage

Bentall Centre has three bicycle storage cages for the use of Bentall Centre tenants, under the following terms:



  • Permission to store bikes in Bentall Centre Bike Cages is only available for Bentall Centre tenants.
  • The bike storage area is an amenity and is available on first come first serve basis only.
  • Any bikes stored in the Bike Cages must be secured at all times to the bike racks with a bike lock. The landlord is not be responsible for any lost or theft.
  • The bike storage is available for day use only. All bikes must be removed by the end of the day including accessories like bike locks, helmets, clothing etc.
  • If a tenant requires leaving their bike in the bike storage area overnight, please inform Security by calling 778-328-5990.
  • Any bikes or accessories left unattended for long periods of time will be impounded by Security.



For more information, please contact the Bentall Centre Tenant Service Centre at 778-328-5960.